Product Options

All blinds are delivered as a finished product - ready to be installed. All blinds include a top bar with fittings, control chain (unless you have selected to motorise your blind) and base bar. You will be able to customise these components and to add optional extras when you order your blind.

Below are the standard product options for you to choose from.

Contact us for more information and for non-standard product options.

Fitting Options

Face Fitting

Measuring for Face Fitting (Measuring for an Architrave)

Face fitting is where the blind is installed to the face of the window (as opposed to inside the window recess).

See How to Measure for details on how to measure for Face Fitting.

Recess Fitting

Recess fitting is appropriate if you want your blind to be installed inside the window recess. This allows your window frame to be exposed and gives a ‘built-in’ look.

See How to Measure for details on how to measure for Recess Fitting.

Roll Direction

Front Roll

Front roll blinds mean the fabric will roll off the front of the roll tube. This is usually an aesthetic choice and means the roller tube will sit behind the fabric, covering more of the components and allowing you to see more of the fabric pattern etc. Generally speaking, recess (or inside) mounted blinds are front rolled to avoid any knobs, handles etc that may obstruct the blind.

Please be aware though that this option means the front of the fabric will be exposed more often to direct sunlight (any time the blind is not fully down, in fact). If you have a north facing or exposed window, please think carefully before selecting this option.

Back Roll

Our back roll option means that your fabric will sit behind the roller tube. Back roll is generally used where the blind is mounted to the face of the window as this will ensure the fabric stays close to the architrave for maximum privacy and light control. The other benefit of back roll is that the front of the fabric will never be exposed to direct sunlight which will keep it it in pristine condition.

PLEASE NOTE: for printed blinds, assuming your print is on the inside of the blinds, the outside of the blind will normally be white. Therefore a back roll printed blind will mean that from the inside of the room you will see the white roll of fabric at the top of the blind. This is something that cannot be avoided due to how the fabric is rolled on the blind.

Chain Control

Which side of the blind do you want the chain that controls your blind? There is no chain for motorised blinds.

Chain Colour

Chain refers to the chain that controls your blind. There is no chain for motorised blinds. Note that we recommend Nickel Plated Steel for coastal locations to prevent rust.

Mechanism Colour

Mechanism refers to both the brackets which attach the blind to the wall or ceiling along with the ends of the blind tube which controls the chain or blind motor.

Base Bar Colour

Base Bar refers to the bar connected to the bottom of your blind.

Silent Base Bar

Upgrade to a Silent Base Bar with a clear bubble seal at the back which reduces the noise when the base bar comes into contact with the window or window frame. Great if you want to leave your window open, but not to hear your blind.

Easy Lift Booster Spring

The Easy Lift Booster Spring makes it easier to lift your blinds. This is especially helpful for larger and heavier blinds.

The Easy Lift Booster Spring sits inside the blind chain control. This spring is designed to provide tension which accumulates when the blind comes down then released when the blind goes up which helps the user lift the blind with less effort.

Automate Wireless Li-ion Blind Motor

Motorised blinds offer convenience, energy savings and safety. See our blog An Introduction to Blind Motorisation for more information.

We offer the Automate Wireless Li-ion Blind Motor.

The motor sits inside your top bar, allowing you to open and close your blind with the touch of a button.

It is easy to install (installation is the same as a non motorised blind!).

Control up to 15 blinds with a single remote, your smart phone, or a smart home device (such as Amazon Alexa).